How will Telemedicine Help the Medical Industry?


According to medical professionals like Dr. Philip Sobash, telemedicine and related technologies will do wonders in the field of medicine. They are saying that the adoption of telemedicine technology could help both the patients and the professionals in the following ways.

Easy access

The first benefit of adopting telemedicine is the ease of access the concept provides. As the medical industry and professionals are necessary for emergencies of having some issues in the body, it is of no use if you reach a professional after so long. It is always better to reach the service person as soon as possible for all your medical issues. With telemedicine, it is easy to contact a professional of your choice without wasting time. You cannot have a medical center near your home always. However, you will have a mobile or a computer with an internet connection for sure. So, all you should do is connect with a medical professional online and get his advice. As not all patients will need physical assessments or treatments all the time, it is better to switch to online medicine whenever possible.


The internet is available to almost everyone. Regardless of how remote your location is, you can find a way to contact some medical professionals who live far away. So, it is possible for even a person from a village that does not even have a medical center to get medical advice with telemedicine. This availability is a major benefit of this concept of technology.

Reduced cost for patients

If you had to travel to a medical center located somewhere far from your home, there will be travel costs. Also, the medical centers will charge you for various aspects like your admission, your rooms, your food, and many more. However, telemedicine eliminates a lot of such expenses easily. All you should pay for is for the time of the professional and the charge will be too less when compared with a physical visit. You can avoid paying such hefty sums each time when you need medical assistance if you have a mobile or computer. Overall, the costs incurred for the patients will be less if they adopt telemedicine.

Reduced costs for medical centers

Let us assume that all patients are coming to the hospitals for all kinds of issues. So, the hospitals should have enough accommodation for these people along with the essential facilities. They may have to maintain such places frequently and should employ a lot of professionals to manage the centers. So, they should be spending a lot to run the hospitals. However, with telemedicine, almost half of the patients’ count will be reduced inside the campus. Only those who need immediate physical care will come to the hospitals and all others would simply connect online. So, the overall costs incurred for the hospitals will also get reduced.

Management of more people

As the number of diseases keeps on increasing every year, hospitals are struggling to treat everyone at once. So, telemedicine makes it easy to manage these patients.

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